What is electroforming?

Electroforming is a style of jewelry making in which the piece is plated in copper with the use of an electrial current. Electroplating technology has been around for centuries, used mostly for the demands of industrial scale production. In recent years it has become a method used by jewelers to create unique copper jewelry without the hefty price tag that sterling silver commands. Most any metallic material can be used to electroplate, however copper being one of the most conductive yeilds the best results. Electroformed copper jewelry differs from casting and smithing in that the source material for the piece is locked inside. Creating a unique look and beautiful representation.

Where do your organic materials and stones come from?

Organic material such as leaves, pine cones, and other natural pieces come from our own searching and hiking through local forests and public lands. It is not out of the ordinary to find us picking leaves off of trees or searching through bushes for something special that we can make into jewelry. Our stones are sourced through retail vendors either online or at gem and mineral shows in our area. Networking through other rockhounds and lapidary artists, we search for gems with an emphasis on locality, variety and beauty. Friends and family play a role in our selection proces as well. Many of our copper plated pieces and various gemstones were brought to us for the express purpose of exploring new materials and/or trying to create something special. Sometime in the very near future we have plans to go out in search of gems and minerals ourselves to add another unique layer to our brand.

Do you take custom orders for jewelry or stones?

At the moment, sadly we do not. Although we can make pieces to order, meaning an existing design but with a different stone or size. Custom pieces are not available at this time.

Where can I find your products?

Worthwild is based out of Victor Idaho, at the moment no brick and mortar operation exists. We are taking part in several local markets, keep an eye on our events calendar to know where to find us next. Follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on products and events.