Stone Information

Agates: One of the most commonly used stones for jewelry, agates can be found in locations around the world. They are a transparent form of chalcedony, characterized by vibrant colors and sometimes mossy, stick or banded patterns. Agates are typically not the most expensive stones due to their relative abundance. However, what agates lack in price tag, they more than make up for in beauty. Which is a win-win for jewelry and gem lovers alike.

Japsers: Another favorite amogst jewelers, Jasper can be found around the world. Jasper is an opaque variety of chalcedony. Characterized by unique patterning and sometimes vibrant reds and yellows. Picture jasper can be found in the American west, and has patterns that look strikingly similar to natural landscapes. Jaspers are insigneous rocks, meaning they come from Volcanic areas, and are formed from the massive heat and pressure in those environments.

Turquoise/Variscite: Characterized by vibrant blues and greens. Turquoise is a longtime favorite for anyone who enjoys gems or jewelry. Sometimes found in areas with large copper deposits, bluer specimens are called turquoise, minty green specimens may be called variscite. Although it is found around the globe, the American southwest is famous for its Turquoise and Variscite varieties. Namely Kingman, Royston and Bisbee turquoise. Other areas with exceptional turquoise include China, Mexico, Iran, Tibet and Afghanistan.

Opals: A silica rich gemstone with a much higher water content than Chalcedony. Opals form deep in the earth under immense pressure and silica deposits. Characterized by their famous "play of color" or “fire”, opals are found around the world. Most famous varieties come from Australia, where the black opal is world renowned for its clarity and beauty. In recent years, Ethipoian opal has made a large splash on the American market due to its relative abundance and beautiful crystal colors.

Stones we love to work with

Broken Arrow Turquoise/Variscite: Although Broken Arrow lacks the vibrant blues and greens of other turquoise coming out of Nevada. It can be found in a wide variety of pale blues and greens, even emerald and mint green. A softer stone on the Mohrs scale, this turquoise still manages to take an incredibly high polish.

Maligano Jasper: Found in the volcanoes of Indonesia, Maligano is an incredibly unique stone. Typical patternings include, bright yellow, pale to dark grey, orange and white, and quartz pockets. Maligano sometimes has a brecciated pattern, meaning it looks as though there are broken pieces floating around throughout it.

Picture Jasper: An incredible, often brown variety of jasper, typically found in the American west. Picture jasper was a beloved stone of Native Americans. Displays of unique wave and orbicular patterns resembling natural landscapes are typical of this jasper. Some notable varieties are Owyhee, Blue Mountain, Biggs, Gary Green and Deschutes jasper.

Pietersite: A form of tigers eye from Namibia, pietersite displays a gorgeous blue color with gold and black inclusions. Pietersite has fibers in the stone that create a cats eye effect, or chatoyancy. The blue fibers refract light and create a dazzling display. Pietersite is one of those stones you have to see to believe.

White Buffalo: Sometimes referred to as white turquoise, white buffalo is mined by the Otteson Family out of Tonopah Nevada. Characteized by a stark contrast of white and black with occasional black veining. This stone never ceases to capture the amazement of jewelry and gem lovers. 

Iron Buffalo/Mustang Turquoise: Found in Nevada, this turquoise is strikingly similar to white buffalo. However the  turquoise becomes shades of yellow and red due to Iron deposits in the stone. A beautiful and captivating stone that doesn't command the same high price tag as white buffalo.

Crazy Lace Agate: Found in Mexico, this variety of agate is world renowned for its beauty and colorful patters. Typical patterning includes, bright bands of red, yellow and white and grey paired with stick patterns, oricular and quartz pockets. As most agates go, this has a relatively high hardness, which makes for an excellent polish. 

Chrysocolla: A beautiful blue geen gem with high copper content. Found around the world, Chrysocolla typically grows with other stones, mainly malachite and azurite. Chrysocolla on its own is a very soft material, however in the American southwest it has been highly agatized to the point where it can be cut and polished into gemstones. Perhaps the most impressive variety comes from the Congo in Africa, and has beautiful vibrant blues paired with the rich greens of malachite.

Larimar: Mined in one single location on earth, Larimar is highly regarded amongst gem lovers. Coming from the volcanoes in the Dominican Republic, Larimar has a very disctintive look. Baby blues and greens and patterns that resemble a flowing ocean, larimar has an exqusite character.

Spencer Opal: Mined in northeastern Idaho in the town of Spencer. This chrystal opal can display wonderful play of color, and the host rock is a nice light tan color with the potential to be cut and polished. Being from Idaho, we would be crazy not to love this stone. Although it commands a bit of a price tag, Spencer opal is rather affordable compared to other types of opal from around the world. 

Gem Dinosaur Bone: Found in areas of Utah and Arizona, its exactly as it sounds. Agatized dinosaur bone has some very unique patterning, looking like squiggly lines from far away. Exceptional specimens will display dazzling colors of blues, greens, reds, and pinks interlaced with traces of bone making for a truly unique gem.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise: Found in Sonora Mexico, this turquoise displays a lovely vibrant green and blue with occasional gold matrix. The vibrance of color is what sets this variety of turquoise apart, as well as taking an incredible polish.

Wave Dolomite: Found in Mexico, this stone displays incredible wave patterns reminiscent of some picture jaspers. Typical bands of tan, pink, and in some cases reds, wave dolomite is a striking and beautiful stone.